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Thursday, 29 January 2015

On this site you can see links to two examples (not fully completed ) of possible overviews we could post for parents.

These are presented as possible examples of ways in which people may like to communicate to parents.

Doing your overview in this manner is not mandatory and I would encourage you to explore a variety of other ways of writing them.

I have done a personal chatty style overview (based on an old one of Maggie's) and a more formal impersonal one..

The bottom line is that because we have a responsibility to work in partnership with parents around student learning they need basic information about what their children will be studying over a term.

Because we need to develop term overviews as a part of our professional responsibilities posting what they are in some altered form for parents should not be an onerous task.
I hope these are helpful.

Once Again: If you have any concerns see Mark. I am here to help.